A Nation in Anger

This article is fully an opinionated article. Yes….my opinion. Feel free to read or comment (read: moderated comment, of course). On August 2017, my country, The Republic of Indonesia, is celebrating its 72… Continue reading

Pain, Depression and Why Do People Commit Suicide

When a big superstar died of suicide, the world mourns. The past few months, two stars have fallen. From Chris Cornell to Chester Bennington. What is it about stars and suicide? If we… Continue reading

Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none?

Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none? Tough question, isn’t it? I happened to rewatch all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy recently, while waiting for its… Continue reading

Berlin Syndrome; Didn’t We All Secretly Want To Locked Down Our Best “One Night Stands”?

  So i stumbled across this movie recently. Watched it and decided i need to write something. Think about Stockholm Syndrome. This indie-flick is pretty much on the same spirit as that. Berlin… Continue reading

Why I (finally) deleted my Couchsurfing account

So long…farewell….auf wiedersehen…adieu… Bye couchsurfing!! Yes, i finally deleted my account. I joined the site a few years ago, looking for some like-minded travelers. Sharing local experiences, tips and references. I don’t use… Continue reading

New (Year) is Always Good

So many things have happened over the years. I can’t even remember the last time i blogged. What did i write and what for. But…..let’s start again, no matter what. 2016 is almost… Continue reading

Why Traveling Solo Is More Rewarding?

I have been traveling solo for the past 4 years now. To many destinations. And yes….it was rewarding, though of course much more costly than sharing travel cost with a mate 😀 So… Continue reading

Langkah-langkah Pencarian Nasionalisme

Saya tidak pernah menghitung sudah berapa langkah saya lalui selama bertahun-tahun menjelajah negeri lain selain negeri ini. Mungkin belum banyak. Tapi setiap langkah selalu saja mengarahkan saya untuk kembali. Pulang ke Indonesia. Karena… Continue reading


Have you ever get lost? Of course you have. But have you ever felt lost? I feel lost. In my own thoughts. I feel suffocated sometimes. Today i was supposed to extend my… Continue reading

A Closure To A Story

it is time now to give a closure to a story. been 2 months now. a heartbreaks. a love broken. promises ruined. i was looking for answer. and then it came. a girl… Continue reading