Why Traveling Solo Is More Rewarding?

I have been traveling solo for the past 4 years now. To many destinations. And yes….it was rewarding, though of course much more costly than sharing travel cost with a mate 😀 So… Continue reading

Langkah-langkah Pencarian Nasionalisme

Saya tidak pernah menghitung sudah berapa langkah saya lalui selama bertahun-tahun menjelajah negeri lain selain negeri ini. Mungkin belum banyak. Tapi setiap langkah selalu saja mengarahkan saya untuk kembali. Pulang ke Indonesia. Karena… Continue reading


Have you ever get lost? Of course you have. But have you ever felt lost? I feel lost. In my own thoughts. I feel suffocated sometimes. Today i was supposed to extend my… Continue reading

A Closure To A Story

it is time now to give a closure to a story. been 2 months now. a heartbreaks. a love broken. promises ruined. i was looking for answer. and then it came. a girl… Continue reading

Intensely Feel Nothing

One fine day, i found the movie “prozac nation” based on a best selling memoar of elizabeth wurtzel, a freshmen at harvard who suddenly and gradually feel depressed and find prozac as a… Continue reading

[Short story] Memesan Bahagia

“dia pergi, Zee…”, kata Bry membanting kotak kecil berwarna merah muda itu sampai-sampai terbuka dan isinya berhambur keluar…sebuah cincin emas putih berkilauan. Zee yang baru datang ke cafe itu tersentak kaget. silau oleh… Continue reading

How I (Almost Thought I Have) Met Your Father

hey kids…i guess it is time to tell you a story. a story of how i almost thought i have met your father. it all started on a mid week of december, 11-12-2013.… Continue reading

Kuala Lumpur: How I Got Stranded For 6 Hours And How I Almost Missed My Flight The Next Day

01 February 2014 Arrived at Pudu Area at about 6AM. Kuala Lumpur is still dark. Not many people around. The first thing that came crossed my mind is to get to Bukit Bintang… Continue reading

Penang: An Old Town Charm

30 Jan. 2014 That morning I woke up quite refreshed after arriving in Penang the previous night. Morning in Red Inn Heritage guesthouse was crowded. People are gathered in the main hall, preparing… Continue reading

A Surprisingly Disastrous Trip to KL – Penang

02 Feb. 2014 Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) – Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia “Run, Aya….Run!!”, the sentence was keep repeating in my head. I was running towards boarding gate No. 9. Almost… Continue reading