Is Bali Safe? Bali IS Safe!!


Balangan Beach….one of my favorite sunset sanctuary

During my visit to Lombok and Gili back in 2012, i met an interesting solo traveler. Jodi, 40 years teacher from US, taking a break from the busy life to enjoy Bali and Lombok. She said something that up till this moment remains in my heart.

“Aya….worrying will not get you anywhere. So stop worry and just go”, she said. Actually she was referring to me as a solo traveler for the first time when we met. My first solo travel so far away from home in Jakarta. For five days, trying to survive on my own, with backpacker budget and fear of getting lost or even worst, kidnapped along the way. Hahahahaha….

But what she said remains relevant till this day. At the end of September 2017, having lived on this beautiful island, Bali, for two years now, i was shocked to know the biggest mountain on the island is on high level danger for erupting. It was erupted back in 1963. It was massive. Some people who experienced it are still alive now. And i can’t imagine them having to go through this again.

The island which lived mostly from tourism, got hit pretty badly. Resulting in many cancellations and people fleeing to save their life. Having work in the industry also hits me pretty bad. I have to think. What if the industry stopped due to this thing? I can lose my job, no income, yet have to see other people near the mountain lose their home, cattle and everything else.

But Jodi’s words remains relevant. If i worry, i will not go anywhere. If people are worry, then they shouldn’t travel. Cause they can’t go anywhere.

So…in the end, i think. Whatever happens, gonna happens anyway. My apartment’s roof can fall down anytime. Maybe while i’m sleeping and will kill me instantly. I can get hit by big busses when i ride my motorbike. I can get bit by shark when i swim in the ocean. Earthquake even happened once when i was in the bathroom, naked and clueless how to save myself during the situation.

So the question remains. Is Bali safe? Not sure. But then, if you don’t see it for yourself, you wouldn’t know right? We…all of us who live and breath on this island are safe so far. Moving on with our lives. Cause life didn’t get pause because a disaster happen. It goes on. And disaster can happen any time, anywhere and to anyone.

So why worry? You are not a tree. Staying will not get you anywhere.