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Sangkuriang-Syndrome…when older women met younger men

A weekend party. Two people met on the dance floor. One woman slightly in her late 30’s. One man reaching his late 20’s. Enjoyed each other company, good conversation, good dancing. Connection seems… Continue reading

Dating Life is a Black Mirror

So yeah…..i managed to finally fell in love with Black Mirror. This Netflix series have made me jumped in joyful dance of weirdness. The stories are so twisted and unbelievable surprising that it… Continue reading

Ber-Gentayangan Bersama Intan

Coba gunakan google images dan search kata “Gentayangan”. Dijamin akan menemukan ratusan foto menyeramkan. Hantu-hantu. Setan-setan. Yang katanya “Gentayangan”. Lagi….Intan Paramadhita membuat saya ‘tergoda’ dengan judul novel barunya. Seperti pertama kali menemukan “Sihir… Continue reading

Bujang Lapuk (sebuah coretan)

Aku benci!! Kala mimpi itu datang lagi meski telah kuhindari. Kala mimpi itu hanya menambah luas lubang hampa dalam jiwaku. Kala mimpi itu hanya menambah rasa kesepian yang selalu saja meraja dan meradang.… Continue reading

Is Bali Safe? Bali IS Safe!!

During my visit to Lombok and Gili back in 2012, i met an interesting solo traveler. Jodi, 40 years teacher from US, taking a break from the busy life to enjoy Bali and… Continue reading

[coretan] Foto Dalam Dompetmu

RT @AyaSuhastra: FOTO DALAM DOMPETMU. Semua perempuan di foto itu mati dimutilasi. Foto terakhir kukenali. Wajahku. dia tergila-gila pada mataku. ia selalu bilang mataku bagai telaga sejuk dimana ia ingin selamanya berada dan… Continue reading

A Nation in Anger

This article is fully an opinionated article. Yes….my opinion. Feel free to read or comment (read: moderated comment, of course). On August 2017, my country, The Republic of Indonesia, is celebrating its 72… Continue reading

Pain, Depression and Why Do People Commit Suicide

When a big superstar died of suicide, the world mourns. The past few months, two stars have fallen. From Chris Cornell to Chester Bennington. What is it about stars and suicide? If we… Continue reading

Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none?

Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none? Tough question, isn’t it? I happened to rewatch all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy recently, while waiting for its… Continue reading

Berlin Syndrome; Didn’t We All Secretly Want To Locked Down Our Best “One Night Stands”?

  So i stumbled across this movie recently. Watched it and decided i need to write something. Think about Stockholm Syndrome. This indie-flick is pretty much on the same spirit as that. Berlin… Continue reading