Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none?


Who is “your person”? Answer that!! Or don’t answer. Cause maybe you have none?

Tough question, isn’t it?

I happened to rewatch all 13 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy recently, while waiting for its 14th. Yes..all 13 seasons. The series as we all know evolve around the life and love of a bunch of doctors, following their year as interns, residency and attending at this hospital in Seattle. As it is about life, expect a lot of dramas. As it is about love, expect a lot of affair, messy relationship, sex and heartbreaks.

But what i want to highlight from my recent viewing is the friendship. Of Christina Yang and Meredith Grey, the leading women for over 11 seasons. They are best friends in good and bad, even stronger than their marriages. How cool is that?

I have lived for over 36 years. And i don’t think i have that much of joy for friendship as they are. I started to ask myself….who is “my person”? Am i another person’s “person”?

Yes…i do have trust issues, attachment issues and all those “ships” issues. I detached from people as much as i can. Though i remain friendly and happens to have lot of friends and acquaintances. But then…..who is “my person”?

To be someone’s “person”, i think, need to experience an in depth experience together. Sharing the same moments, either a very terrifying one, an adventurous one, a heartbreaking one or a happy one. Moments.

Of all my 36 years of life, my family might be “my persons”. We shared all of the above, since the day i was born until now. But then, referring to the quote i attached on the top of this post, i wouldn’t want to call my family if i have a dead body i need to dragged from my living room. Hahahahahaha…..

So, i start to remember things. I had a “person” once. I share my deepest darkest yet steamiest love affair once. I don’t have that “person” anymore. So she is not my “person”. I had a “person” once that after every bad deeds i did, i want to call and did call her to tell all about it. I don’t have that “person” anymore.

I once had a friend call me suddenly because they are in hospital and need someone to just be with them through it. Does that makes me that person’s “person”? I once had a friend that called me in the middle of the night just to say she has lost her virginity. Am i the “person”? I have a friend who before anyone else, called me just to inform that they are pregnant. Am i the “person”? Maybe yes, maybe no.

We are talking about me, finding my “person”. A “person” who would be fine if i call them in the middle of the night just to inform that i have meet the love of my life, or being proposed, or losing my job, or having an accident and i need some help or blood, or even if i’m dying of cancer. Or of course, if i accidentally kill someone and need help to dispose a body. A “person” who would back me up no matter what, right or wrong, good or bad.

So…..friends!! Ask yourself, are you my “person”? Cause the “ships” should be mutual though the other party is a person with detachment issues as me.

Denpasar, 10072017