Berlin Syndrome; Didn’t We All Secretly Want To Locked Down Our Best “One Night Stands”?


So i stumbled across this movie recently. Watched it and decided i need to write something.

Think about Stockholm Syndrome. This indie-flick is pretty much on the same spirit as that. Berlin Syndrome released on Sundance Film Festival in January 2017. Starred Teresa Palmer and Max Riemelt with Cate Shortland directing.

The story started with Clare, an Australian solo traveler, spending an adventure in Berlin. Traveling solo is hard enough though. You are alone, no friends and probably don’t know where to go and what to do. But then Clare met Andi, a handsome rather quirky German. They talked and connected instantly. The mysterious Andi seems to be good to be true. And they eventually spend a night of steamy romance in Andi’s apartment.

There is definitely nothing wrong with a one night stand during a holiday. I mean…lots of people do it. But i bet none can’t get out of it like Clare. She was locked down inside Andi’s apartment for days, months even. While Andi developed a psychotic behaviour and turns occasionally violent. And yes….Clare in the end have to fight for her life and her freedom.

I’m not gonna tell you how it ends, though i’m sure it is quite readable what will happen next. But let me see it from another view.

In a world filled with hatred and fear, human becomes more and more craving of interaction. Connections. We seek for them in every way, every day and every means of life. Traveling is a way to find connections. I traveled to find my connections to the world, in general. To nature, to people. I’m sure Clare did the same. And when she met Andi, the feeling was mutual. Each person trying to find something to connects, finds an interaction.

We all travel to find love, what we love, what loves us. And finding them like Clare did surely something beautiful. But then again, Andi was a beautifully broken soul. I think in a way, he was lack of love inside. In a scene of his conversation with his father, we learn that Andi’s mother have passed away. And it left a scar in him. In another scene, we see Andi find his father died in sleep. Yet, another scar. In other way, as a person, Andi just want to connect with others. He just wants to be love. To be owned and to own. Not to validate his reason to kept Clare lock down, but in a way, he has a reason. He have problem of letting go, letting a good thing passed. And that one night of steamy romance with Clare was a good thing. He just didn’t want to let is go.

If you think about it though, don’t we all secretly wish when we find a good one night stand, we can just keep them locked down and never let them go?