New (Year) is Always Good

So many things have happened over the years. I can’t even remember the last time i blogged. What did i write and what for.

But…..let’s start again, no matter what.

2016 is almost gone. 2017 is coming.

I never expected to come back to the island. But i did…..1 year and 3 months ago. Making tonight the 2nd New Year’s eve in the island.

This year has been a mystery. Things move so unexpected. I hate it at first but loving it in the end.

Early 2016 i was spending a freezing holiday in Hong Kong and Macau for my birthday trip. I realized….i’m not longer in my early 30’s. Damn!! Time have sucked me deep this time.

I met a mysterious ‘soulmate’ on a weekend in Lembongan. Connection is something raw and rare yet intoxicating. De Ja Vu… living in a loop, i felt i have been there before with him, know him and madly in love with him. But all great weekends…must end.

I let go of the past. Say goodbye to old flings, old strings and everything in between. Not such an easy thing to do. But someone has to. To heal, to move on.

Career has been slightly progressing, slightly moving forward. Integrity has been something i learn a lot this year. It is not yet that rewarding, but it will be. As long as i keep trying.

Family and bestfriends are the ones who keep me going. Keep me strong and keep me inspired. I love them. And blessed for having them in my life, though i don’t share much of me anymore. Age has made me more secretive, more personal.

2017….i want everything to stay the same, if not better. I want to have a heart filled with love, passion, integrity, compassion and adventure. It should be the year i learn to love who i am more than before, the year i learn to accept, the year i learn to nurture more.

I just want to be me. A new me….a better me, if possible.