Why Traveling Solo Is More Rewarding?


Waiting for a bus in Helsinki, most beautiful city i ever been and will always miss 🙂

I have been traveling solo for the past 4 years now. To many destinations. And yes….it was rewarding, though of course much more costly than sharing travel cost with a mate 😀

So why do i love it so much?

Well, at first, the problem for me as a 30-something single woman is….it is not easy to find a traveling friend. Most of my girl friends are married, some with little children or a husband who don’t allow them to travel more than 50km’s from home :p

Other thing is, as a working girl, i have money to travel better than in my 20’s. But then, i don’t have much time as in my 20’s.

So looking at those, i sometimes just take a chance. Be impulsive. An airline ticket on promo, I’m there. In front of my notebook with my credit card or bank card in hand. And i impulsively book a flight.

There is saying that once a year, you should travel to place you never been before. So, each time, i booked a new destinations. And i did, for the past few years.

When i’m lucky i can get really cheap return ticket from home. Then created a 4-5 days itinerary for the destination. And ow….it is always the most fun thing to do. Arranging your own trip, creating routes, selecting guesthouse, researching places of interest….i love them all. And quite good at it. Henceforth, after traveling and share my stories, some of my friends are quite amazed of the places i been too. Since most of the time, i choose the road less-traveled.

And why do i love it so much?

Solo traveling increases my self conscious. I become connected to the place i visit, people i met, food i tasted….more. More than i can imagine.

A beautiful beach in Lombok may not only be a beach. It may be a treat for the sore soul, where the soft waves plays a music and sings to your heart. Where the smile of the people makes you feel safe and at home. Or something like that :)…more or less.

I got more experience traveling solo then when i was with my friends. Met the most interesting people as well. A fellow female solo traveler, a yoga teacher, a 40 years married couple or a drunken European at the airport and many more. Many people with many stories. And each one touches my heart and life in a different way.

A woman i met in Gili during a snorkelling trip said something that changed my life forever…

“Aya, you should not worry. Worry will not take you anywhere. Life is too short to be worry”, said Jodi.

And i was so inspired to never worry. Traveling solo makes me a brighter, smarter and braver woman. Makes me a better person, for i can appreciate differences better, for i praise beauty higher and take risks higher.

When you are young, go travel.

I still feel young inside though :p

For that, i will keep traveling. Solo. Cause even though you seems alone, you will never be lonely 🙂