A Closure To A Story

it is time now to give a closure to a story.

been 2 months now. a heartbreaks. a love broken. promises ruined.

i was looking for answer. and then it came.

a girl from out of nowhere found me. followed and messaged me. said to have some information about my lost love that will give a closure. and will help me to move on easier.

she said to have some kind of close relationship with an ex. the surprising thing was she said it was the same time frame as i am. the time when i was starting to get more busy with work and traveling for work schedule. the time frame i knew, i was lack of time for him.

somehow, i didn’t feel angry to the girl. she made things look normal. as if she was also hurt of the break up she later have. not long after this ex left me officially.

weird….and yet didn’t make any sense.

but it was a closure. when i finally confronted him about this meeting. though he admitted that all was not true, somehow i felt it didn’t matter anymore. either he was still with her now or not. cause we were all over. the end. the past.

but it was a closure. as i close one love story. as i moved on. bit by bit. slowly healing my self from the only fear that haunts me forever….the feeling of lost. grieve.

the end.