Kuala Lumpur: How I Got Stranded For 6 Hours And How I Almost Missed My Flight The Next Day

01 February 2014

Arrived at Pudu Area at about 6AM. Kuala Lumpur is still dark. Not many people around. The first thing that came crossed my mind is to get to Bukit Bintang fast. With no taxi and avoiding the “after clubbing” crowd, i walked towards Bukit Bintang area, where my supposed-to-be guesthouse located. A bit scary though. But i was trying to be brave nonetheless.

Since it was too early to check in, i decided to stop by at nearest KFC. Just next to the guesthouse building. Ordered a breakfast menu, sit and eat. The only entertainment was a TV by the corner playing local TV3 channel. I took lots of coffee, since i need to stay awake, at least until check in time. Suddenly i regret cancelling my early booking a day before.

I was supposed to be sleeping in nice bed by that time. Booked a different guesthouse in the area before. But canceled it due at the time, my KL friend said i can stay with her after my trip from Penang. But she suddenly said she have something to do and i can only sty with her a day after. Ow my….:(

So….me with my own decision. Stranded in Bukit Bintang early morning. With a medium luggage, a sleepy head and a tired sore body.

Sitting alone in KFC, watching the dark turned to light. Night turned to morning. People starting to flood the street, doing their morning activity. Somehow it put me to a perspective. Life is weird. And yet it is exciting. For no matter how dark we faced, a light will always come in the end 🙂

At about 9AM, i started to head for the guesthouse. The guesthouse was located in one of the building in the corner of Bukit Bintang, famous area for shopping in KL. I had to dragged my luggage to the 2nd floor where it’s located. The guesthouse staff greeted me. A bit rude though. Especially after he knew I’m Indonesian. Don’t understand why. Then he said it was not yet check in time. Ok…i know check in time is at 12 noon at least. But i thought if there is a room available already, they will let me check n early. And they didn’t. They are quite strict about it and kinda use a rude tone explaining it. I felt a bit offended. As if i didn’t pay a cent for the stay.

But, i was too tired to fight. So i left my luggage at the counter and said i will be back. I went down again. And decided to get more coffee. Sitting again with my sleepy eyes, next to a scary “black guy” who keeps looking at me. Ugh :(. I felt so unsafe. And this is the first time i feel so unsafe in KL after so many times coming there solo. He tried to start a conversation, but i pretend i didn’t speak English. I just didn’t want to be bother. Too tired, again.

Was nearly 12 noon when i come back to the guesthouse. About 30 minutes later my room is ready. I checked in, dropped my luggage in the room and took a shower. Then get back to the small 3×3 meter room with no window and took a nap.

Was 4PM when my friend called and said she can pick me up in 30 minutes. When she came, i still feel a bit numb from the lack of sleep. But we did have fun. Went to see Bukit Bintang. Stopped by at Alor street for street food dinner then hang out at Changkat for evening drinks. Then back to the guesthouse and rest till morning.

The next morning, she picked me up from the guesthouse about 9AM. Took me to her apartment to drop my luggage for a while. Lucky she lives in an easy access area in KL. We got to spend time for brunch and circling aroung Suria KLCC until pass noon. Then back to her apartment to get a little rest.

She then dropped me off th KL Sentral station where i later took the airport bus to KLIA2. We spend time to chat and have coffee. And time flies suddenly. I thought i still have time. But i was wrong. The road from KL Sentral to KLIA2 was a bit traffic that evening. And yes….i was quite late arriving at airport 😦

Running fast to the check in booth and get my boarding pass. Running again to the immigration line. And damn….what a queue! I heard the public announcement started to call my flight to board. Ow damn!! I was so scared to have miss it. Running again thru the boarding lounge. And screaming for the ground staff to not close the door. Yes!! I was the last to pass thru the door. Hiks 😦

But then…..i catch my flight in the end. And safely home in few hours.

Many lessons learned during this trip. And i will always cherish it. For sure, I will not depend on other people anymore. Not wait to have a traveling partner who can share the travel cost then cancelled at last minute. Will not depend on a friend to provide me with lodging. I should be able to do, enjoy and explore my own travels.

–the end of Penang Trip–