i only light up when you around…

you: it is still a bit surreal that you are here

me: yeah…i can’t believe it my self. it is my last night already

you: have a safe trip home, Aya. hope to see you again

*we hugged and i can smell your perfume*

*you smiled and my heart goes to pieces*

the half moon was above you as you walk away. i can’t help my self but having to look back one more time. it was hard to say goodbye. it was hard when you know you have found ‘the one’ that captures all your souls at once.

i looked back and realized that you were just looking back at me.

that cold windy night, i have lost my light as you walk away from Kamppi square. and i was left alone again, picking up the pieces of my heart and left over sanity.

i have fallen….deep, hard and lost….