2013: Galaxy Is My Limit :D

hey….it’s 2013!! two years before the flying delorean drive by McFly 🙂 hahahaha….

2012 has been a good year, indeed. at least for me, at least for much aspects of my life. and forever, i will cherish the memories and thanks GOD for the blessings.

i didn’t go out for new year’s eve. what for? it’s not the new year’s eve am looking forward to, but the 2013 that will be filled with new friends, new accomplishments and new adventures.

on twitter, i posted some of my 2013 wishlist.

1. Coming to Rock The Beach Festival in Helsinki, June 2013, just to see Green Day and 30 Seconds to Mars2. Watching sunrise of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
3. New business title, new salary
4. Snorkeling in Sikuai Island or Cubadak Island on my West Sumatra trip, April 2013
5. Get inked 😀
6. Get my own DSLR camera before my trip to Finland

yeah….that’s about it. i only make a wishlist that i think has at least 80% possibility to come real :D.

besides….i have 3 trips plan this 2013. excited to do all my research for it. i have coming big project as well, i started to learn about investment. i will have a great 2013.

I’m looking forward to meet new friends, keeping my old ones, meet a soul mate and have lots of fun this year.

Happy New Year 2013. Keep life passionate 🙂