tentang socmed & kebebasan berekspresi

social media oh social media…

media yang gak sosial-sosial amat. malah bisa bikin orang anti-sosial makin anti-sosial. well…it’s true. media yang sedang hits dan trend dan banyak dibahas orang-orang di dunia marketing dan branding.

berawal dari sebuah harmless tweeting yang seperti biasa adalah gambaran keseharian dan kepribadian gw yang meledak-ledak dan apa adanya. yes!! i tweet what i feel, i think, i want. so all my tweets are me. in fact, i never write things that doesn’t represent me. ever.

a simple censored word of ngen***. yup!! you know what it means, guys.

it was tweeted due to a horrible morning i had where i just had too much pressure for the week. and like any other horrible morning, this kind of word is common to me. yup…i said it a lot in real world and in socmed. it’s just who i am, really. and not meant to offend anyone at all.

but then it become harmful when another person who doesn’t even know me personally read it. and yes…someone who i don’t know but i have a feeling of knowing the person. maksudnya gw rasanya tau siapa yang baca.

lalu jadi ‘sesuatu’ ketika this morning my cool boos summoned me to his office for a brief chat.

he said that someone from the resources department said that i should tweet more politely next time. for it is reflected bad on my position now in the office.

wow!!….. i took a deep breath and gasp.

this is something new. for years i have been running around in the cyber space, this is the first time it really affected my work. while years ago, when i was less mature, i wrote nasty stuff about my work just to express my feeling when am not being heard.

now that am much more mature, i can limit my self to just write about me and my life, instead of making a drama by writing about my work. but still…it is somehow become a problem by some.

deep down, i feel that this is a violation of my personal boundaries. boundaries. i have managed to keep my personal dan professional life separate for quite some years. but now…??

i never ask for work colleague to follow my tweets at all. i even regret that some does follow me. cause what i do in my personal life does not have anything to do with my professional life. i always thought my boss does not have to know that i just broke my heart over some douche bag who cheated on me when i can still meet my deadlines and show up at work smiling.

but then again, i realized that if you want to keep things private you shouldn’t join any socmed.