the shitty old speech

always the same shitty old speech..about marriage, about finding someone and stick with them. FUCK!!

the world doesn’t revolve around relationship. around love.

the world will always turning even without those things above.

i shouldn’t get married just because i’m running out of time or because i’m lonely.

i should just kill my self then and join the colony in hell if i’m that lonely.

i shouldn’t get married just because everybody keeps telling me to do it.

i just simply shouldn’t.

i’ll marry if i want to…if not, than it will be my privileges to be completely selfish and love only one person my whole life…ME.

life is selfish. you don’t bring someone with you when you are dying. you don’t bring someone with you to hell or heaven. you just simply don’t. so why bother?

even GOD is alone. a solely single being up there. and HE never is lonely.

so stop all those fucking crap about marriage. for the more you keep pushing me to do it, i will keep pushing my self the opposite direction.